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Aromatherapy Oils - Ylang-Ylang

Botanical name: Cananga Odorata
Botanical family: Anonaceae

Note: Middle

Part of plant used: Flowers

Origin: Native trees to the Philippines as well as islands like Tahiti, Seychelles and Madagascar. A tree takes 4 years to produce 5 kilos of oil. The yellow flowers have to be picked at monsoon time.

Description: The smell of Ylang-Ylang is compared to hyacinth and narcissus.

History: A tribe called the Bori Bori from the Tahiti region (Maluc) used the flowers to put in their hair as decoration and used Ylang-Ylang as a hair conditioner as well as rubbing over their bodies to keep in good health. They used it in their tea for malaria, typhoid and to calm down diarrhea.

Properties and Indications:


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