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Around the Home Essential Oil Blends

Using aromatherapy essential oil blends around your home can be a wonderful way to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and happiness for your family and friends. When friends visit they will immediately feel at home and will be enriched by the experience.

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Living Room

Your living room is where people gather to socialize or where you and your family chill out listening to music or watching your favorite tv program or movie. These two aromatherapy diffuser blends will enhance communication or create a more relaxing atmosphere if required.


Veg out


Your kitchen is the heart of the house. Use this aromatherapy diffuser blend to create a fresh and nourishing atmosphere.


Rather than using chemical products that can be toxic use this wonderful aromatherapy diffuser blend to freshen and clean the air. These essential oils can disinfect in a natural way.


This blend is both romantic and relaxing. Curl up with your favorite book, person or teddy bear!


This uplifting blend is great for helping with mental strain and fatigue and will aid in improving your memory.

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