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Bath salts

Using bath salts can be very relaxing as well as being very helpful in easing sore, tired muscles. You can use Epsom salts as a base for these bath salts, or I also love to use dead sea salt available from Mountain Rose Herbs.

The dead sea salt contains valuable minerals that help your immune system and can be very beneficial to add to your bath if you have scars that need healing or any broken skin. It is extremely nutrient rich and one of the best therapeutic salts available. Bath salts are also known to draw out poisons from your body.

Cleansing bath salts

There are various ways of using bath salts for your bathing rituals. The most simple method is to add a good handful of bath salts to your warm bath water. Mix in well then relax into the bath for no longer than 15 minutes. Once you have dried off, massage one of the following bath oil blends into your body:

Detox bath oil

Purifying bath oil

Tonic bath oil

You can also use one of the blends from the bath oils page.

Bath salts for aches and pains

These recipes should be made a week in advance to let the essential oils soak into the bath salts. Excellent for aching joints and any type of stiffness including sore muscles from sporting exertion, cramps, rheumatism, or achiness from flu's or colds.

Pour a hot bath and just before it is full, sprinkle in the bath salts and mix in well.

Sports bath salts

Evergreen bath salts

General aches bath salts

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