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Bath oils

Bath oils are a perfect way to moisturize your skin and the best way of making a bath both aromatic and therapeutic. They sink into your skin while imparting their wonderful aromas at the same time.

The best method for using these bath oils recipes is to make up the blend then massage it thoroughly into your skin before getting into your bath. This way has the advantage of the bath oils being absorbed into your skin much easier through osmosis by the heated water.

Relaxing bath oil

Use this blend in a warm bath. Save some for when you have finished your relaxing soak and have dried off with a big fluffy, luxurious towel. Massage into your warm, clean skin. For an added benefit, add the essential oils below to a diffuser using 2 drops of each.

Stimulating bath oil

This bath oil is best used in a cold bath in the morning or any time of the day you need a 'pick-me-up'. This blend will increase your circulation and aid with cellulite and reducing weight.

For best results dry brush your body before getting into this bath. Dry brushing is a method using a natural-bristle body brush. Start with your feet and work your way up your body in a circular motion. Pay particular attention to areas where you have cellulite such as the tops of your thighs and the tops of your arms. Be gentle in sensitive areas such as your chest.

Just before you get out of this bath, add some more cold water and swish it around for some extra invigoration. If you're feeling brave you could have a short blast of cold water from your shower.

Dry off vigorously then if you have some of the blend left over, massage this into your body - ready to start the day feeling energized and stimulated!

Check out the Bath salts recipe page for more ideas on blending bath oils.

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