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Aromatherapy Oils - Angelica


Botanical name: Angelica archangelica
Botanical family: Umbelliferae

Note: Base

Part of plant used: Root, biannually seeds are shot out

Origin: Syria, Northern Europe to the North Pole. Tough plants, prefers shady areas and plenty of running water. It used to be found on the banks of the river Thames in London. Cultivated in Belgium, France and Germany.

Description: Musky, balsamic aroma, heavy and sweet. Colorless and light, darkens with ages to a greeny color and a more musky smell.

History: Angelica came from Africa in the 16th century to Europe. Used by pagan Romania for mystical rituals. The Christians used it after the dark ages for the plague devastating Europe. Someone had a dream of an Archangel telling them to use Angelica to destroy the plague. The roots are used in Chinese remedies and used to be used in herbalism. It's translation in French is root of the holy ghost. It protects against evil spirits, enchantment, conjuring spells. Often used to flavor gin and perfumes and traditionally candied for cake decoration and confectionery.

Properties and Indications:




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