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Welcome to Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes

Have you ever wanted to make your own aromatherapy essential oil recipes? Maybe you've dabbled in aromatherapy before or perhaps you're a newcomer. This website is full of many different recipes using essential oils.

From natural skin care, such as facial clay mask recipes, suggestions for bath and body recipes, including bath fizzies, to environmentally friendly cleaning around your home with aromatherapy home recipes, to gorgeous aromatherapy perfume recipes, you'll find it all here.

Come with me on a journey. I will enlighten your senses, awaken your longings and encourage you along the way to experiment by making your own aromatherapy blends.

Learn about the many aromatherapy essential oils profiled on this website. Discover their benefits and find what appeals to you most, or what you may need to help you along in this sometimes-hectic life.

Find out how to feel more energetic with Basil essential oil, or more relaxed with Vetivert. Identify with your inner self as you unearth your favorite essential oil blends.

You'll also find recommendations of aromatherapy books, aromatherapy supplies and information on aromatherapy courses.

Subscribe to the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes Blog to keep up to date with the latest information. If you prefer find me on Twitter or join the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group.

These essential oil recipes are for anyone who has an interest in aromatherapy and essential oils. This website will show you how to make simple as well as more challenging aromatherapy recipes. Whatever your experience and knowledge of aromatherapy, look around this site to find valuable information and fun recipes for you to experiment with.

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